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Here comes Roxanne Curly Tail
Waddlin’ down the puggy trail
Easter’s on its way!

Trans girl problems



When you’re too busy crying on tumblr to realize that society doesn’t actually hate or harm you as a whole and it is mere individuals who tend to be oppressing “you” when it only happens in places where there already are active groups for human rights, when you’re just on the internet yelling about imaginary cis people who were mean to you.





*gentle gasp*

"dis booty"

❝ Telling a young girl she can’t wear what she wants because it’s not appropriate encourages the idea that men’s reactions should dictate society’s norms, and that all women are meta-Eves, tempting and ensnaring men with our sultry-eyed gaze. My parents’ culture is steeped in patriarchy, in the philosophy of the one-step machismo machine, where there is just one kind of man, and two kinds of women: the angel and the whore. These limited ideas of masculinity breed men who want ownership of women. ❞

— Fariha Roison (via zubat)

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